This Anamorphic Video Will Blow Your Mind!

I have a pretty mind blowing optical illusion for you today.¬†Well, this one blew my mind at least, so let’s see if this anamorphic video has the same effect with you….

First, take a look at this photo of a table with a group of seemingly random items displayed on it.

anamorphic video

I’m NOT going to spoil the surprise, but I am going to tell you that some things on this table are real and some things are not. Can you figure out which ones are which? Take a guess and check out the anamorphic video below to see if you’re right. Make sure you watch the entire video ALL the way through to the end! If you’re really super impatient with videos like I am, though, you can skip to about 1:50 for the solution to this. I highly recommend watching the entire thing, though. It’s so cool!

So, were you able to guess which items were real and which ones weren’t before you watched the anamorphic video? Bet you didn’t see some of that coming!

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