52 Replies to “The Chicago Bulls Logo Conspiracy”

  1. This “conspiracy” it’s actually pretty old, I seen it in other websites and videos years ago. Also, it’s the first time I hear that the book is supposed to be a bible.

  2. To me, it looks more like a robot riding some sort of spider-like walking machine and working the machine’s controls. Maybe the vehicle even has little red jet-flames coming out of white pipes.

  3. @Andreas

    When a christian cross turned upside down stands for the Antichrist, then DIO must be at least the Anti-Devil. ;-)

    1. Any book can be put out in paperback including the Bible. I have two paperback versions dating back to high school.

  4. More typical christian bullshit. Pardon the pun. Why is it automatically a bible? It’s just a book. We have no way of knowing what book it is. Just as a woman in a grilled cheese sandwich is automatically ‘Mary’… yeah right.

  5. LOL.
    Firstly, it isn’t a bible, it’s way too thin.
    Secondly, I thought it was the…guy (forgets titles) at the dojo place xD

    Also, it doesnt have to be a park bench.

    Also, since it’s a cartoon, it doesn’t have to be a robot.

    I rest my case.

  6. probably a bible because it is a very thick book. Also, if you said robot reading a book, it would be a lot less interesting or intruiging.

  7. Huh? It looks like a robot giving pleasure to someone by massaging their feet that are sticking out of the bottom of the bed. Or what you started to think half way through that sentence :P

  8. Lol i thought it was a ninja reading some ninja book at first…yes why is it a bible? It could very well be any book. Wonder if this was done on purpose or just by accident…because I know a book with a cover of a snake head tht when turned upside down looks like a bikini top but that’s probably by accident…

  9. Paranoia…
    how’s that a bible?
    and thats a robot?
    u should check out Microsoft Windows and Nazi conspiracy then

  10. this is such an old idea… in college, those against the texas longhorns would flip the symbol over and it looks like a woman with her legs open…you can still see some “good ol’country boys” with the sticker on their trucks. very simple trick of the eye, nothing profound or complicated.

  11. Flip a Dodge Viper emblem upside down and you get Daffy Duck

  12. To me I think the robot represents Christianity and how the human race is being programmed by a book like a robot

  13. Why is it automatically assumed that it’s a bible being read? Why couldn’t the robot be reading a Playterminator?

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