That Caterpillar Keeps Chirping

Just look at that cute, fuzzy little caterpillar. It has such vibrant colors and those spines seem so unintimidating that they’re mere existence is actually kind of adorable.

But, wait a minute… we are on Mighty Optical Illusions blog! An ordinary picture of a caterpillar (no matter how cute it is), would just be weird here. Fortunately, this’s not a little baby butterfly, it’s actually a group of European Bee-eaters cuddling together on a small tree branch. The birds do look so much like a caterpillar though, that photographer José Luis Rodríguez named the image Oruga de Plumas, or “caterpillar of feathers.”

45 Replies to “That Caterpillar Keeps Chirping”

  1. Sorry, all I saw when I looked at it was birds. I can see a Caterpillar now it’s pointed out, but not originally.

  2. I dunno about you guys, but I saw the birds first. Then when I saw the title, I thought it was a caterpillar that looked like a bunch of birds…but it wasn’t.

  3. cool, I just sent this to my mother and the first things she said was “What a pretty caterpillar.”

  4. I think it must work better as a thumbnail.
    I have the MOI as a thing on my iGoogle home page, and every single time I’ve seen the picture from there, I see it as a caterpillar

  5. Def works well as thumbnail, saw caterpillar when saw it on google, took me a little while to work out what the title meant then saw the birds! Is a really good one actually.

  6. An avion species of like plumage congregates…
    I love this pic so much I took a shot of it with my phone & made it my wallpaper.

  7. I had no idea I was looking at birds until I got to the point in the article when I was told what I was lookig at, so, wow!!!!

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