Super Bowl 50 Football Magic Eye Illusion

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! It’s a big Super Bowl too—Super Bowl 50! Tonight, millions of football fans will sit around their televisions and watch the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers in what will probably be one of the most watched sporting events ever. Of course, some viewers will only be watching for the commercials too, but hey! Nothing wrong with that. Since it’s Super Bowl 50, I figured that a football illusion was fitting this morning. A Super Bowl football Magic Eye to be more precise….

super bowl Sunday football magic eye

For those of you familiar with Magic Eye illusions, or stereograms, you know that if you look at this football Magic Eye image in just the right way, you should see a 3D image pop out of it.

There are actually a few different methods that you can use to see the hidden image in this football Magic Eye…

  • Hold your face close to the image and slowly back away or move the image away. Keep focusing on the stereogram until a 3D image pops into view.
  • Unfocus or relax your eyes while staring at the stereogram. Do it until the image doubles then becomes very blurry. This is actually the method that works best for me, and I can see some stereogram illusions within seconds with this method.
  • Look through the image. If it helps, you can focus on an image a few feet away from you then slowly move the stereogram in front of the object while still focusing on the spot a few feet away.

Happy Super Bowl 50, everyone!

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