Statue Trumpet Blowing Away the Clouds Optical Illusion

Happy Saturday to you all, hope your weekend is turning into another grand adventure that you will have to share with your coworkers on Monday morning.  So, how many of you have been to a place to see the amazing statues that some of them have – such as Rome? Today’s optical illusion is all about the power of statues, and take a look at this one! Does it not look like the trumpet is blowing the clouds away? Well good! That is the point of it, and you have to admit that it is a perfectly timed illusion that is amazing to look at.

statue trumpet blowing away the clouds optical illusion

Ready for another great illusion? Many people love the optical illusions that involve finding hidden objects, people, or animals, and we love them too so here is a great one with hidden wolves, bears, and other animals! This lovely forest scene by the water has a lot of hidden creatures in it, you just have to look sharp! When you find something, be sure and drop us a comment to let us know! We love to know all the animals that you find in it, so don’t be shy because we love hearing from all of you!  Have a great weekend!

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