Sloping Lines Optical Illusion

Are you a fan of optical illusions that truly test your brain power? Well, this is the optical illusion that you have been looking for. This is yet another optical illusion that effectively uses black and white to mess with your perceptual senses. This isn’t a really an intricate optical illusion or anything that’s advanced. Instead, it’s actually very simple, plain and put right in front of you. The object of this sloping lines optical illusion is to judge whether or not the lines that the white and black blocks are on top of are actually sloping horizontal lines or if they are straight lines. However, it’s difficult, because of the use of black and white blocks mixed together. Scroll down to check out this sloping lines optical illusion below and see if you can figure out whether or not the horizontal lines are even or if they are actually sloping.

sloping lines optical illusion

So, there you have it. Now, my question to you is this: Are the horizontal lines in the image above sloping or not? You see, this is a tough optical illusion, because it’s simple, but it’s confusing to our brains. It’s hard for our brains to make sense of the organization of the image above. First of all, looking at the image vertically is hard to do, because there are no even vertical lines. Secondly, the use of black and white throws off our perception, as well. In case you’re wondering, the horizontal lines are perfectly straight, but our eyes make it seem as if they’re actually sloping. However, you can even get out a ruler to measure the lines and you’ll see that they’re perfectly straight and also run the same length as each other. Did this one get you? If so, you should share this image with your friends and see if it tricks them, too.

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  1. I looked at the lines/boxes and immediately saw that the boxes, both black and white, are the same size; therefore, it had to mean the lines were straight.

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