Shiny Legs Illusion

The Internet is perplexed over yet another optical illusion! This time, everyone seems to be up in arms about this shiny legs optical illusion…


Most people see these legs as being super shiny. It appears as though the legs are covered in oil, causing light to reflect off of them. But, not everyone sees shiny legs here.

Some people see something much simpler. I saw shiny legs here at first too. Once I saw the bigger picture, though, things started to become a little clearer…


Can you see it now? These aren’t a pair of shiny legs at all, but legs with streaks of white paint. The paint gives the illusion that light is reflecting off of the surface, making the legs appear oil slicked and shiny. Of course, the paint markers surrounding the legs are also a bit of a clue here too.

Several Internet users have also said that once you see the white paint in this shiny legs illusion, there’s no going back! You won’t be able to see the legs as being covered in oil again. All you’ll see are the white paint streaks.

What do you think? Did you see the shiny legs first? Did the larger image make it easier to see that it was just white paint? If you saw the shiny legs at first, can you unsee the paint?

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