Shaking Matchbox Holophonic Audio Illusion

Another user submitted illusion we got today. It’s a little different type than previous Audio Illusion, Shepard’s Paradox I posted. Be sure to check Mosquito Audio Illusion too! Def Oksbjerre sent us this MP3 file with explanation:

“This one is so amazing. You have to listen to it with headphones. A shaking matchbox is moved around your entire body. It’s so realistic!”

This effect works best if you put on your headphones on. Download and play the Shaking Matchbox mp3.

77 Replies to “Shaking Matchbox Holophonic Audio Illusion”

  1. I was home alone and I listened to that post, but I had to stop because it freaked me out! It sounded like someone really was standing behind me shaking a box of matches. I happened on your site (it was on bloggers main page). I’ve bookmarked it and I will definitely come back OFTEN. Thanks!

  2. I’ve heard this before, it’s very impressive. They built a microphone which simulates the human head (it looks like one too) and recorded it using this mic. Very clever.

  3. it was kinda cool but then it freaked me out cuz i was home alone and i was on the internet and i heard about this website from one of my friends at school so i came home i got on then i just started going to a bunch of different stuff most of it kinda freaks me out

  4. woah…. i felt i could just punch whoever it was shaking the matchbox when i closed my eyes, freeeeeaaaaaky

  5. what the heck? that was so weird. i had to end it early cause there was no noise in my house and it was just creepy. felt like there was someone or something behind me…

  6. this is like the newer version of the abraham lincoln show at disnyland. you put on the headphones and the guy cuts your hare and stuff.

  7. Hi everyone. The argentinian Hugo Zucarelli is the holophony inventor. He worked in Pink Floyd´s “Final Cut” album and some Roger Waters solo album. Also worked with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

  8. It scared me so much, and My brain kept saying “Stranger doing something crazy! RUN!” and I felt like everyone could hear it…I had to take the headphones off to convince myself….and, when it felt it was moving up and down you spine, I got really scared, and my back had this tingling sensation, and my breath got really heavy

  9. Dude, that is friggin creepy!! that scared me So damn much when i 1st listend, i have the volume CRANKED and it was freaky!

  10. dude, that is not cool to listen to when its 2 in the morn. and no one else is up… and i live in the country surrounded by woods..

  11. Excellent holophonic illusion. It’s like I was in the same room with a pyromaniac, and I was the victim! Awesome!

  12. ok…. big fan of this site, seen a lot of things I really liked. but this was the first time I actaully found an illusion worth commenting on…. this was one of the most creepy things I have ever experienced… I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to see the matchbox… great stuff… keep up the good work work with the site!


  13. its not letting me hear anything. I’m clicking play and nothing happens and it also won’t let me download it either.

  14. I tried it with and without headphone because first I couldn’t find my headphones (again), but even without you can clearly hear it going round!


  16. wow amazing kinda freaky but makes you wanna turn around thinking someone is behind you shaking it lol x

  17. haha wen i was listening to this, i was the only one in my house that was still awake. then while i hear the footsteps, i actually FEEL the footsteps in the ground. turns out it was just my mom getting some water XD

  18. That was so AWESOME! And realistic! I actually thought that someone was behind me shaking a box of matches because I was the only one home at the time. But WOW!

  19. It is so scary. Not AAAH! scary. More like. Whoa! I- Uh- What’s happening scary.
    To sum it up, if it’s dark, you are alone, and your back is facing the room, you nearly pee your pants.
    Also interesting at the same time…

  20. why’s every1 saying it’s creepy? i just felt like a matchbox is shaking around my head, but no matter how hard i try to imagine it i still can’t get the matches to shake around my body. but i can’t agree more that the door in the end surprised me, i actually looked out to see if someone had banged a door

  21. I tried it, it was awesome.SOO realistic, so you probably get big bucks for that.Congrats! Finnally people made somthing that other people enjoy!!!!!


  22. Woah!! This shaked me out.. I have dolby 3d surround headphones and I thought the sound was going all over my head.. Thank you.. Best illusion on this sight! :-D

  23. This is fairly cool, especially when you have over-the-ear headphones on that block out most of the surrounding sounds/noise. Would’ve been cooler if they had gone in front of the mic(s) to add more depth.

  24. Known as “dummy head” stereo. Microphones are, literally placed in the ear canal of a detailed model of a head and the recording made. That’s why you only get the full effect from headphones. I have a demo. recording of someone walking around a room with lively acoustics, coming up close and whispering in one ear. Uncanny but the technique never seemed to catch on for music recordings.

  25. When the match shaker was on my left side of my ear, i turned to my left and i thought i saw a box of match.

  26. I thought I was gonna get set on fire or something. It’s kinda creepy… I actually wanted to find the floating matches…

  27. well I failed to listen to the whole audio file until I tried for the fourth time. It was creepy. I still don’t believe I heard what I just heard. The effect is even worse when you close your eyes.

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