Shady Gray Diamonds Illusion

Can you tell which row of gray diamonds is the darkest in the image below?

gray diamonds illusion

If you’re like most people, you probably said that the top row in this diamonds illusion is the darkest. It certainly looks darker than the bottom row after all. But, what if I told you that each of the gray diamonds was exactly the same?

Each gray diamond in the illusion above is created with a slight gradient of light to dark gray. The top row of diamonds only looks darker than the lower rows. I don’t really have any way to prove it to you other than to tell you to test it yourself in an image editor. Use the color picker tool to check the top of the gray diamonds in the upper rows and compare it to the top of the gray diamonds in the lower rows. You can also select and copy the right half of the image and move it up and down. You’ll see that color in each of the gray diamonds matches up perfectly.

If you liked this gray diamonds illusion, head over and check out a video of how it works in real life!

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