When You See It, It’ll Give You the Creeps

I have a bit of a different illusion for you today. Instead of your typical impossible illusion or images that will make your eyes go wonky, I have an interesting hidden image. There’s something maybe a little off about the image below. And, when you see it, it will probably give you the creeps and send chills down your spine…


Do you see it yet? When you see it, you’ll know! It’s definitely pretty creepy! But, at the same time, it’s so simple. If you’re really feeling froggy, you could even recreate this little illusion to freak someone out!

What did you think about this “when you see it” illusion? Let me know if you’d like to see more like this on the site in the comments below!

when you see it

6 Replies to “When You See It, It’ll Give You the Creeps”

  1. Not sure what we’re supposed to see, but that looks a little like an alligator eye in the upper right hand corner.

  2. I see a face in one of the boxes in the center and right next to it I see what appears to be a likeness of Khomeini
    I must be missing something because I didn’t get chills up or down my spine

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