Reverse Color Blindness Test

In the past we have featured multiple color blindness tests, where individuals suffering from this particular “disorder” could’ve felt put on a side. Even though, only 7% of male population is color blind, I thought it would be interesting to explore reverse color tests, where rest of us would have difficulty solving them. I have found exactly what I was hoping for at G. Sarcone’s website! In fact, most color blind people can easily read what is written in the picture above. That means, if you fail the test, you probably have the full range of color sensitivity that is attributed to color-sighted people. Anyway, this test is not to be considered by itself sufficient to determinate defective color vision. Now let’s see a mockup of what they were able to read, while rest of us couldn’t:

Reverse Color Blindness Test SolutionColor vision deficient people have a tendency to better night vision and, in some situations, they can perceive variations in luminosity that color-sighted people could not. It might also be worth mentioning how U.S. Army discovered that color blind people could spot “camouflage” colors that fooled those with normal color vision!

Regular Color Blindness Test no.1

Now let’s see if you are able to find a circle, star, and/or square in this Demonstration Card below. In reality, everyone should be able to see a circle, star, and square as this is a demonstration piece only.

Regular Color Blindness Test no.2

Let’s see how the previous, “normal” tests worked like. Try and find a circle, star, and/or square in 3 seconds or less in this picture below. While the colorblind individuals should only see the yellow square. Color normal individuals should see the yellow square and a “faint” brown circle.

Regular Color Blindness Test no.3

The question is same -are you able to find a circle, star, and/or square in 3 seconds or less in this picture below? Just the opposite from previous test, colorblind individuals should now see the yellow circle, while color normal individuals should see the yellow circle and a “faint” brown square.

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  1. I am not colour blind, but I can clearly read the word “NO” in all of the first pictures, and see the shapes easily in the bottom one. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really see the effectiveness of the first test. No offense to anyone or anything, it just doesn’t work for me.

  2. I saw them all with no problem at all.

    The majority of people that fail these kinds of test are normally color deficient. They can see some of the numbers, shapes and sizes, but not all. Of course there are varying degrees of color deficiency. True color blind individuals see only black, white and shades of gray.

    In the “standard” test I was able to see only 1/3 of the numbers. It took me three years of physicals before I could memorize all the number and have the color deficiency not appear on my physical. I had been healed. ;-)) For me I can basically see the primary colors, but anything on the color wheel between the primary colors are just shades. Give me the 8 pack of Crayola crayons 133 would be wasted on me.

    1. Maybe I should have read the hole article first. :(

      I can see the top three and only the obvious patterns in the other three. Having been in the army for 17+ years between 75-80% of jobs require normal color vision.

      As for being able to see camouflage colors I make up for the deficiency by see differences in shades and unnatural patters where none should be. For example a straight line or slight shadows where none should be. Here normal sighted people might not see the slight differences in shades.

      We all have to learn to compensate for some weakness.

  3. I may be being an idiot, but you say tests 2 and three are ‘opposite but it seems to me they are exactly the same. i.e. colour normal people should be able to see a faint brown something.

    Regards Robin

  4. If you open the first image with a photo manager and then you reduce the color the word NO becomes clear. I think this is the way color blind people see the picture.

  5. Those viewing with an LCD monitor may find this test somewhat altered from its intended set of “test” colors. The reason is that an LCD monitor can have its color altered somewhat by the viewing angle. Therefore, if you are “taking” this test and it’s not working quite the way you expect, try viewing the screen at a various angles to see the color effect. Some screens may change more in color along the up/down angle as opposed to left/right.

  6. Wait… Is there really a star in the last two? I see only the circle and square. The terrible grammar in the description makes me uncertain as to what is expected.

  7. I’m color-deficient, I have deuteranopia. But I knew it before. Only have problem with faint colors, though, same as around 8% of all male and 0.5% of all female people.

  8. 7% is incorrect, thats only male percentage thats red/green color blind. Total is closer to 10% of male population once you add in all the types.

  9. i could see all of them..
    the first 3 said NO
    the 4th one had circle,star,and square..
    the 5th had a square and circle and also the 6th but different colours.. i think 4 to 6 was the easiest so far.. but does that mean im colour blind if i didnt fail.. e_e

  10. The first picture is to SIMULATE what a color blind person would see in a color blind test and how they perceive the test picture.

    1. But what if you can see both the yellow square and the faint brown circle?

  11. This isn’t a test for color blindness, but for red/green weakness. People who can’t see red and green can easily see the images. But there are many different grades of red/green weakness, so some people can see it clearly and some can only see it a bit.

  12. i see NO in the first three pictures and all the squares and circles (and star) in the others… so what am i, both?

  13. I’m not color blind. I took the test and it proved that I’m not color blind except I could see the 2 last ”NO’s”.

  14. WHOOOO!!! IM COLOR-BLIND AND I HAVE COLOR!!! (I passed the first test which color-blind people can figure out)

  15. I think if you saw them all, it also COULD say that your monitor has issues displaying colours as well ;) We must all remember that the monitor and its abilities effect the colours we see presented. As for me, I not only can see colours, but I got an immediate perfect score on the 100 shade hue test: and I couldn’t make out anything in the first image for the life of me (I even compared and TRIED to see the “no” but couldn’t no matter how hard I tried, only pieces of it). I think for those who saw it all… try it again on a variety of monitors ;)

  16. The reverse test fails. I am trichromatic and I know it [make that a song] but the two letters are easily visible to me.

  17. So, are there any rgb codes for colors I can use to make something like the reverse test? I want it for my game to make an easter egg for fellow superhumans… :D

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