Reflection Illusions That Will Make You Ponder

Capturing the best optical illusion can is a difficult thing to do sometimes.  Today’s illusions are all about reflections.  Reflection illusions from glass or water make some of the best things we post at Moillusions.

The following will definitely make some of you laugh, cry or just be in awe.  If it didn’t, we will refund your money.  Promise.

pee accident illusion
Looks like someone has stage fright and wet himself… haha (Nelson from Simpson’s laugh)

Can you imagine going up to speak in front of a crowd, only to realize all eyes are literally on you and your pants?  As if you forgot to put them on this morning.  Sounds like a bad nightmare to me.

burning building illusion
This is a 5 alarm fire.

Fire, being one of the greatest discovery to humankind is in its most majestic form.  When it is burning violently as such, it is a disaster I do not wish happen anywhere.

spouse shark illusion
Do you know who your spouse is?

Did she just say “I do” to one of the fiercest predators in the ocean?   Uh oh, these are the guys that mom warned you about but you insist on only falling in love with bad boys.

bearded turtle illusion
Where is the third musketeer?

How long does it take to grow a beard as full as these guys?  Perhaps, the third amigo is the one taking this photo.

Did you enjoy these reflection illusions?  Stay tuned this week, we will have more coming your way.

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