Rainbow Illusion

To motivate you a little, here’s one outstanding illusion for ya. It is called Rainbow Illusion, and effect it produces is awesome. Just like that Spanish Castle illusion John Shadowsky invented. It is quite simple – all you have to do is stare at the center dot of the yellowish image below. After few seconds the image will switch, and show you black and white rainbow, but you’ll be able to see it in color! Yeah, check it out if you don’t believe me. You can see original optical illusion that started it all. There are variations as well, for example “Baby Illusion” and “Hydroplane Illusion“. Which one of them did you like the best? Enjoy! I also want to clarify that the main motivation for me to run this site, is to grow number of visitors and make it one of the most popular blogs on the net. But last few days I see you guys made a little slump coming back. If you like Mighty Illusions, please spread the word and link us from your website or blog. Every little link counts ;) Thanks… I’ll keep on posting new illusions as often as I can.


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  1. Cool and original this website has it all

    sorry i ain’t commented on all the other illusions but i’ve been in Ocala, Florida at a Horse Fesevial thing it was prettty cool

  2. Worked for me! Click on the photo to pull it up in another window. It doesn’t change to B&W on this site. You need to pull it up in another window and it will change.

  3. i don’t like this. some are cool, and this one isn’t. when you click the image to enlarge it, it automatically switches so that you can “see the magic from black to white” its shortlived and not as neat as my favorite illusions, which are those of the chalk drawings. those are amazing. get some more of those…and i have seen some things lately of like giant fountain shows where you see images in these giant shows.

    Also, a good audio illusioin is the works of Toxic Audio. They do some crazy stuff. its all done ac capella and it sounds like a full fledge band. its amazing. ^^ i still come here everyday! its a good site. very well organized too…

  4. i like this one :}

    i was staring at it for like, a minute and a half, waiting for it to change, and i gave up. then read the comments, and felt pretty silly…

    good job on this, keep up the good work :D

  5. thanks anonymous post 4. It worked when i did it yur way. I agree, this is one of the best sites on the net

    Cool illusion

  6. don’t be fooled. my girlfriend and i were looking at the pic at the same time. it switched back and forth for us at the same time. some people just can’t keep it real.

  7. Wow, this is amazing. At first I thought my computer monitor was the cause for the change. Is this available in a wall poster?

  8. For those that don’t it’s not an illusion….

    The point is that the second frame of the animated GIF is greyscale only, but the colour of the first frame causes your eye to see the second one in correct colour.

    The linked spanish castle one is a lot clearer

  9. > its not really an illusion because its a gif

    It’s an animated GIF for sure, but the illusion is that the second image is actually black and white. However, if you’ve been staring at the dot for a while then this black and white image seems to be a color image. Try! And indeed: one should also look at the two alternating GIFs without staring at the dot, to see what the second image really looks like.


  10. Hi! This is not a proper illusion, it just turn to b&w indipendently of your sight. Though, you usually post terrific illusion!!

  11. ha ha very funny. it would be nice if the comments could just give advice as to how the illusion works and not spoil it buy telling the end product just cos you have no sense of humour(anonymous 6)

  12. Don’t you feel sometimes, when you stare a well illuminated picture, on the beach for example, and then suddenly close your eyes, that you still see something like the negative of the picture floating in the dark of your eyes, until it vanishes? I think it is the base of the illusion, better done in Spanish Castle illusion, where you first see a negative, that will turn out positive in your eyes after a while, and then mix with the b/w image, painting it with the phantom but real color image of your retina… Isn’t it?
    But why does eye or brain invert colors this way?
    Grrrrrrreat illusion!

  13. This is a animated GIF which is just switching between two pictures. Sort of disappointing that it would included in this web site. Usually the images are more interesting.

  14. thats pretty cool…
    but i think it needs more time to melt in ur brain.
    Example: The B&W pic isn’t as colerful as the spanish castle. i love this type of illusion, however, the pic needs to be more colerful, so that the overall trick is more clear.

  15. It’s a fake illusion. It has nothing to do with any optical trick. Whether you stare at the dot or not, the gif image is programmed to change to black and white after a while.
    They got you, man. :-)

  16. I enjoy this kind of illusion :)
    By the way, Vurdiak, I already have a link to your site on my blog, I hope I’m bringing some people here :)

  17. omg this is amazing!!!

    u guys have to click on the illusion to get the effect, tho… try it!

  18. That is such an awesome illusion! You look at it and it’s just like…POP! Then it’s color. Now that’s a REAL illusion.

  19. The CPU screen is too bright, I don’t get how anybody can see it. It hurts my eyes to stare, I like whining.

  20. Hey, this is a awesome sight by the way! I’ll put a link to your website on mine if that’s okay!

    About THIS illusion, it is good, try this: Stare at it until the image turns to black and white. The rainbow will be in colour. THEN blink and the rainbow will be in black and white!!! Have fun

  21. wow, so kl! my brother would appreciate this one – he wants to work in film buisness so likes effective photos – so i will tell him …

  22. the affect is amazing. i wonder how they get the blak and white photo to look like normal day colour! its as kl as the most recent illusion – the ‘Widget Problem Solved’ one.

  23. This illusion is a fake..it’s a gif animation not an illusion it’s animated to change colour every few seconds

  24. yes, anonymous number 40, but dont u get the effect that wen it changes bak to blak and white, the trees look green and the sky looks blue and it all looks in colour?

  25. The first picture is negative an when you stare at the dot and it is in b&w if you keep looking at the dot it will look normal.

  26. NICE LLUSION, for the ones who say that its not an illusion,
    1.- open in new window
    2.- stare at the dot
    3.- after a while the image CHANGES TO A B&W


  27. you have to click on the picture, u stare at the little circle on the rainbow then the pic will automaticly change to black and white. the illusion is that ur supposed to still see the rainbow in color even though the rest of the pic is black and white

  28. Wooww, this is awesome! for the first few seconds, the second picture looks even more colored than the first :P

  29. Lovely gif. Took me a moment to realize it, but you do have to open the image in a new window to make it work.


  30. …. I think I did it wrong. I stared at it for about 30 seconds, then the whole pic started to grey out. Like, just blank grey, no trees, lines, picture, anything, just grey, the rainbow, and the dot. Trippy.

  31. its not anything i think!
    i wans reading the text and it kept swiching while wasn’t even looking at it!!!!

    1. READ IT RITE!!! theyre SUPPOSSED to switch!!!
      1st, it goes colour
      2nd, it goes black and white but still looks like its in colour.

  32. there are 2 pictures ! I saved the Gif image to my computer and when i tried to open it shows 2 different images,one colored and one black and white !!! is this the trick ….??????????

  33. It’s a GIF image. NOT AN ILLUSION. Right-click it to save and see that the image format is actually GIF.

  34. Cool! I’ve seen loads of these and on EVERY single one, at least four people have said, ‘It’s not an illusion, it changes automatically!’ Try understanding what the illusion is supposed to be first, people.

  35. Wow this is the stupidist one so far!! It changes by itself. Honestly after it changes look some where else. It will change again

  36. I didn’t get it at first since the image you were supposed to stare at was not a negative image like before but then I realized that it doesn’t matter because it worked.

  37. this is a lie. I snipped it with the snipping tool on my computer and look at the saved image. Nothing happens.

  38. Did anyone else notice that the colours of the rainbow are actually inversed when the picture changes from colour to black and white? Pretty cool, but makes sense i guess…

  39. …I didn’t even pay attention to the picture, infact I was reading, and it changed -.- I’m doubting this one.

  40. People, the illusion isn’t that it changes, the illusion is that when you’re staring at the dot and the picture changes into black and white, you keep seeing the rainbow in color.
    Read before you leave comments -_-

  41. Just bumped into your website while trying to find something else. Got curious, fascinated, and now here I am typing my first comment.. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. seriously, this website is great… thumbs up…

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