Pitfall in the Mall Optical Illusion

Awhile back I received a slew of Facebook messages from an artist that does some amazing 3D work and he wanted to have his work featured on the website. I stored all of his art in a certain folder, but forgot about it, because I didn’t want to post up a ton of 3D art drawings all at the same time. Instead, I wanted to give you all a good bit of variety and something different to look at.

Today, I’m going to post up that 3D art that I had saved awhile back and I hope you all enjoy it. This guy has some amazing artistic abilities and his work definitely deserves to be seen. Scroll down below to check it out.

3D Mall Art Girl Jumping Optical Illusion


I told you that this guy was capable of some amazing art. So, what do you think about it? Do you like it? If so, you could rate this post 5-stars or maybe you could even leave your thoughts below in the comments section. Either way, it’s completely up to you. I go through the comments every single day and I love conversing with my readers.

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