Perfectly Timed

The question on everyone’s mind when looking at this photo is pretty much the same across the board “how did that horse fit inside the other ones mouth!?” Some may even wonder when horses decided that eating each other was necessary in order to survive; but I believe the bigger question is how could this even be possible. After looking at the photo for several minutes you may realize that this is simply a trick of perspective. Another question that arises with this new found revelation: how did someone pull this stunt off? The simple answer being, it’s perfect timing.

Perfectly timed photos mainly consist of three important components combined together to create something straight out of a Sci-Fi fantasy movie. These three perfectly timed components are: the perfect place, perfect time, and the perfect angle. By having at least two of three of these components together you can create impossible images from the
possible. So don’t worry, horses haven’t really turned to cannibalism just yet.

2_o7FLaZo0aGx3HWh-ifTg2These types of photos, which are often referred to as perfectly timed photos, come in a variety of ways as well as strangeness; but how do people get them to look this way? While most are based on being at the right place at the right time with a camera in hand there are a few ways you can attempt to create a masterpiece just like this.

“Perfect place” is probably the easiest of the three to do, you can practically go anywhere and find something to turn into a hilarious image your friends and followers will laugh about for days. There are many places where photos like this appear, some are even in nature. One of my personal favorite nature illusions is the Panada Optical Illusion. Perfect place may seem like a good place to start however the other two components maybe not be as easy to complete.

“Perfect timing” requires a little more skill and patience, much like planning on proposing to the love of your life or deciding on Frogger when to jump into the next lane of traffic, timing is everything. Most cameras these days are able to take several instantaneous photos at once to make the job easier, you would just need to be intuitive enough to know when to take the photo. In the horse illusion the person holding the camera had to wait just long enough for the horse to start yawning in order to make it appear he had eaten his fellow companion. How long the photographer was standing there i can not personally say, i personally have never watched or waited for a horse to yawn.

“Perfect angle” may in fact be the most difficult of the three to create without any outside help. You’ll notice in the photo illusion the perfect angle was staring straight at the horse from the side so when he opened his mouth you could see the other one. Deciding on what angle and where to point the camera may not have the most obvious answer when attempting to create a perfectly timed photo.

These types of photos and illusions can be created anywhere while doing anything. It’s not something that is easily created and most are taken out of sheer luck, but it is still something that can make you stop and take a second glace.

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