Perfectly Timed Flower Sunset Illusion

I haven’t put up many perfectly timed nature photos lately, have I? They’re like they’re own type of illusion in a way, but the fact that they’re completely real just makes them so much better in my opinion! This morning, I have a pretty cool flower sunset illusion for you…

flower sunset illusion

So, this flower sunset illusion may not look extremely difficult to capture to some of you, but think about being the photographer here.

First, you have to have the settings just right on your camera, otherwise the shot is ruined. The, you have to wait for the sun to dip low enough in the sky that it’s in just the right spot. Finally, you have to line up the fluffy dandelion top with the ball of fire in the sky to capture your shot. In the end, though, all of that work is well worth it, as you end up with a pretty cool sunset picture!

What did you think of this flower sunset illusion? If you like perfectly timed nature photos, be sure to check out one of my favorites—the diving bird!

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