One Face, Two Face, Three Face Illusion

Remember that two faces optical illusion a while back? The one that looked like a fused front and profile of a man? Well, I’ve found a slighty new and different version of this type of face illusion…


The original two face illusion was clearly a Photoshop job, but I don’t believe today’s profile face illusion is. It looks like a photograph of a man with some interesting face paint!

This man’s face is painted to give the illusion that there are actually two faces there. The two faces look like they’re facing each other, and the face on the right is in front of the face on the left. The man’s neck is also painted with black paint, and the negative space on either side of the face gives the illusion for two necks and shoulders. It’s definitely an interesting face illusion and some great work on the face painting! The left face also looks slightly dirty or beat up compared to the one on the right. I wonder if this has any significance?

So, to wrap things up today, how many faces do you see here? Do you see the two painted faces? The main “canvas” face? Or can you see all three faces in this crazy face illusion?

(On an unrelated note, does this guy’s lips kind of remind you of Mick Jagger? Or maybe that’s just me…)

If you loved this face illusion, you can see a couple similar face illusions here and here!

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