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Blur Effect

Photoshop has made it so that anyone can take a mediocre photograph, upload it to the computer and end up with a great shot after a little editing. While it’s a great step forward for photographers and amateurs alike, it has led to a lot of “professional” photographers who don’t really know what it takes to make a photo great from the start – without all the bells and whistles of photo editing software.

Fortunately, there are a number of talented photographers out there that know how to make a great photograph without any additional editing. Occasionally, those photographers decide to show off their skills by trying to do crazy Photoshop-style effects without using anything but their camera. Artist Henry Hadlow took this idea to the extreme by making up his own Photoshop window with the help of a few friends.

The first pic is perhaps the simplest, mimicking a blur tool by simply messing with the focus depth in the shot, but the erase and color change tools took a lot of creativity and dedication to put together.

This last picture isn’t by Henry, but is instead the Flickr user wandaaaa‘s interpretation of a real-life Photoshop window with all kinds of tools open. Personally, my favorite touch is the paint tubes spread out over on the right.

While I’m on the subject, I just want to wrap up these fun projects with a stop-motion video showing you how to make cookies with Photoshop.

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  1. thats really cool! I especially like the video…
    wish I was as good at stop motion of that (thinks of english assignment in grade 8…)

  2. Love the stop motion, must be a newer version of photoshop, mine wont make cookies. be great if it would.

  3. Any idea on how he coloured the person in the third pic?
    But over all, this is an example of great photography. Hats off!

    1. I don’t know how he did it, but my sister is a photographer and I know she used to hand color in pictures. It’s done on the negative strip. Of course, that was also before digital cameras…

    2. I think he made a sort of life/size pic of him and covered it with blue cellophane? My best guess.

    3. Speaking as someone who dressed as a smurf for Hallowe’en last year, it’s fairly easy to paint your entire body blue! You can see a bit of a smudge on the inside of his arm, which makes me think it’s definitely body paint.

    4. The second picture: The guy was holding a glass thingy, correct? Actually the checkerboard pattern on the wall was made into a piece of paper, the stuck on the glass thingy. It takes a llloooooooong time to position everything accurately.

      The third picture: The guy probably was painted blue(yeah, I know, seriously weird, but then it’s an illusion,right?)then he wore blue clothing and held a fake paint bucket and pour something(not sure whats coming out of the bucket) like paint.

  4. That was really funny!
    He should do the lasso tool around his neck…
    I thought the best was the ERASE. Talk about an invisibility cloaking device.

  5. @Nisheeth Probably he used photoshop ;) or he just wore a blue shirt, dyed his hair blue and used water based paint to paint his skin.

  6. Love these! Wish people would admit to photoshop these days. Also,love the video.Very creative (Both things,I mean,not just the video).

  7. That’s awesome. Love the erase effect the best. I’m guessing they just painted that guy blue? Or used some sort of special dye. That stop motion must have taken hours to make, but the effect was well worth it. Same with the real life Photoshop pic. I’d love to have something like that just on one of my walls!

  8. I tried to get cookies on my Photoshop but only my browser will install them. Then my anti-virus program keeps getting rid of them.

  9. the video reminds me of an art project i did in 5th grade…..and over all, this was awsome!!!!!!

  10. Well he probably colored the person in the third person with the bucket tool. Just like the picture shows, but there are other ways to do that as well.

  11. Sorry scratch my last comment- actually one of my canon cameras has the ability to select an object and change its color, including a whole person.

    1. lol, I hope you are ironic, they have airbrushed the person (with real paint) or just used ordinary blue theather color (blue)

    1. It was meant to be cut because incase you didn’t notice they disappeared when cut was hit instead of being copied

  12. blur effect: used a blurred window with a menu i guess
    erase tool: i think the erase tool effect was made by making that person to use a shirt with the pattern similar to the background
    fill with color: i ain’t sure, hoow? one thing about this. the person holds a kind of rope to hold the tool. they should make it a real tool.

  13. I like the last one……….. It’s like its placed flan on the table but yet I guess It’s glued on the wall……. easy but clever

  14. he probably slept in a blue bath but i like the cookie one we tried it out (it kinda burnt ~:'( but we tried ) its really good i wanna go into photography know :)
    Great skills

  15. Well, I’m obviously late to this, but how wonderful. The video especially made me smile the type of smile that one can feel all the way to the core.


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