Negative Space Dog Illusion

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a lovely morning so far. I got a few very important things straightened out this week, so I’m a little less stressed out than I was over the weekend, so that’s always good. Today’s my busy day, though, so I’m looking at a long day at work. And, When I’m already tired and ready to just sleep, that doesn’t sound like much fun at all!

Since it’s going to be a long, long day for me, I thought I’d leave you with a fun dog illusion this morning…


Some of you will see the dog illusion in this photo and some of you won’t. I’m guessing that this illusion will be a little easier for those of you who own or have owned dogs. You’re more likely to understand the behavior of our furry best friends and how they like to get acquainted, so to speak.

Oops! I may have just given away the dog illusion there. Well, that’s okay! You’re a smart bunch, and you were bound to sniff out the dog illusion in this image sooner or later!

See those little stars below this post? Go ahead and click on one of those to rate this dog illusion! Five stars for fun and awesome, or one star for boring and awful.

If you liked this dog illusion, head over and see if you can find the hidden word here!

6 Replies to “Negative Space Dog Illusion”

  1. There was a time, when it was possible to enlarge the picture of the “illusion” by clicking on it…
    Times are changing…
    This blog is changing…
    but me, I´m still me…or is it an optical illusion…

    1. Well rhymed!

      Not the ideal solution, but here is one:

      If in chrome
      Right click on the image > open image in a new tab > Hold CTRL and scroll up to zoom in

  2. This actually isn’t a negative space drawing. A negative space drawing is when the background around the object is black, not the object itself.

  3. The second dog is walking beside the first one, he doesn’t have his nose in the other one’s bum-he’s too far over for that.

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