Multiple Meaning Soldier Illusion

Multiple meaning illusions are probably my favorite illusions. I love to see images that are actually two different things. They’re like hidden object illusions, but just a tad cooler, in my opinion. I found a pretty great multiple meaning illusion this morning too! Check out the soldier illusion below…

soldier illusion

The soldier wearing a helmet was the first thing that popped out in this image to me. But, if you look again, you can probably spot why this is a multiple meaning illusion.

It’s not actually a picture of a soldier’s face. It’s actually a picture of a person bending over creating a soldier illusion. The creases in his pants make the eyes and mouth of the soldier, the arms make the back of the head, and his derriere forms the soldier’s helmet. Pretty cool!

Now, before anyone gets all offended, I do not mean any disrespect to our soldiers here! I am about as patriotic as you can get and fully support our troops. I even come from a military family, with my father being a captain in the Army. So, know that I don’t mean any disrespect at all; I just thought it was a pretty nifty illusion.

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