24 Replies to “Mini-rotating Snakes Illusion”

  1. if you stare at the black dot in the middle of the circles they will stop rotating
    this is awsum!

  2. wow! I really like this stuff!
    and kristen, i tthink that the rigs are suppose to be snakes,
    and the red thing is the thong

  3. What da?? They’re toddaly still!! I really don’t get how this is an illusion the snakes don’t move at all.

  4. If you go to save the picture you will notice that it is a “.gif” file extension meaning that the picture is moving by itself although this illusion does work.

  5. if you look right in the center of the middle circle and dont blink, the other circles stop movingg

  6. They only appear to be spinning because the eye wants to change focus. But when your eye finishes focusing in, the illusions terminates…

  7. if you try to really concentrate, that picture not going to rotate. try to consentrate to 1 point at the center.

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