MC Escher’s Desk Comic

If you’re a big fan of optical illusions, you’re familiar with MC Escher’s work. Escher was a Dutch artist who, over the course of his life, created numerous pieces of art, many of which are viewed as some of the most popular optical illusions today. His impossible object illusions, like Relativity and Waterfall, are particularly popular.

Today’s optical illusion is an MC Escher style optical illusion that I found when browsing through some of his work…


The legs are all sorts of wonky on this desk! It’s hard to tell which ones are in the front and which are in the back, or which direction the desk is facing. Look at it too long, and your eyes might just rebel on you.

I can’t think of anyone that would be able to work at a desk like this! But, if MC Escher had a desk, I imagine that this is what it looks like.

Want to see some more MC Escher work? Head over and check out some more of MC Escher’s famous drawings!

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