Man with Long Legs Optical Illusion

Sunday is here and today is the first, or perhaps, the last day of the week depending on how you look at it. However, today is also the second day of the weekend, but that does not mean that the fun has to end just because its normally a day of rest. How many of you have ever rode around on public transportation?  Today’s optical illusion is all about a man who is riding around in public transportation, and from just how he is sitting on the bus, it looks like he is wearing a dress and has very long legs! What do you all think? Is the man dressing as a woman or is it just the way, and the location, of his seat in the window?  You all have to admit, it really does look like the man is wearing a dress, and let’s not forget those long legs!

Man with long legs optical illusion picture

Ready to see a cool hidden man in a picture of a snowy scene? Check out this image, do you all see the man? If not for the fact his head is clearly outlined, the face of this man would really blend into the background and the snow. So, today is Sunday, but no matter what you all have planned, be sure and have a great time because tomorrow is Monday, which means back to the work week!

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