Mad or Sad Face? Humberto Machado Illusion

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Labor Day weekend! But, it’s back to the grindstone for us working stiffs. Bummer. Then again, those bills won’t pay themselves, now will they?

Today, I have a pretty cool ambiguous face illusion drawn by Humberto Machado. Tell me—is this a mad or sad face?

Mad or sad face ambiguous face humberto machado

I have to admit that this one almost stumped me. It took me forever to figure out the mad or sad face illusion here! In reality, there are actually two faces in this picture. One face is just harder to see than the other one. You either have to look at the image just right or cover part of the image to see both faces.

You most likely spotted the sad faced man right off the bat. Finding the mad faced man, though, will be a bit trickier. If you see it, don’t spoil it in the comments! You can leave hints and clues, but try not to give it away completely.

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7 Replies to “Mad or Sad Face? Humberto Machado Illusion”

  1. Man, I’ve looked at this thing 6 ways from Sunday with no success. I feel like my eyes are bleeding but I can still only see the sad face.

  2. This is one of your best! I couldn’t get it, and only found the answer when someone posted on your Facebook page.

  3. Good Morning Dear Edwards


    Take a small piece of a paper, just enough to cover his left eye, the nose below up to half of the lips or just place the right hand thumb on his left eye (thumbs up position will automatically covers half of the lips. .

    Then you ill find a normal or a bit happy face.
    Same thing you do on his right side eye, you will find a sad face.

    Thanks for sharpening our brains
    Regards and blessings

  4. Man, this is a piss poor illusion ‼️
    If you need to cover HALF his face to revile a one eyed angry cartoon, then this illusion sucks

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