Lady Getting Squished By a Giant Foot!

The week seems to be off to a lazy start, at least for me. I’m thinking a little pick me up is in order today, so I decided a fun little illusion would be perfect. And, what could be more fun than a giant foot illusion?

giant foot illusion

Okay, so I’m sure there are tons of things that are more fun than a giant foot illusion, but still! It’s a giant, enormous foot! And it looks like that lady is about to get squashed and have a very bad day.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a giant foot in real life. But, there is in illusion world. This image is just a little piece of trick photography. Forced perspective to be a bit more specific. The woman is lying on the pavement in the background, and the foot is much closer to the camera in the foreground. This photo is actually a very well executed piece of forced perspective photography!

If you loved this giant foot illusion, check out this other awesome forced perspective optical illusion!

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