Lady Color Illusion

With two kids home sick with a mild case of food poisoning, I’m quite behind with today’s tasks. You’ll have to excuse the lateness and shortness of today’s post. Hopefully, the sheer awesomeness of today’s color illusion will speak for itself…

color illusion

Okay, so it’s not mind blowing, but it’s still pretty cool. You might not see what’s so special about it just yet, though. Take a look at the first picture on the upper left corner and the last picture on the lower right corner. The first picture of the woman probably appears darker to you, doesn’t it. In reality, though, it’s exactly the same as the last picture. If you don’t believe me, open the picture in a photo editor and move the pictures next to each other. You can also use a color picker tool to check.

If you liked this color illusion, be sure to check out this animated color optical illusion!


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