Kumi Yamashita Shadow Optical Illusion

One of our readers recently sent a link to an artist’s website that you might find interesting. Kumi Yamashita is a Japanese artist who creates some pretty amazing pieces with light and shadow. Each piece is created by carefully sculpting an object so that it throws a shadow when placed in front of a light source. Now, all solid objects have shadows, of course, but these objects are sculpted to throw shadows that look like faces and people. Take a look at this shadow optical illusion for example….

shadow optical illusion

You can clearly see the profile of the woman’s face in this shadow. But, the sheet causing the shadow does not look like it has been sculpted at all; it just looks like a regular sheet.

Here’s another angle of this shadow optical illusion

shadow optical illusion 3

It definitely takes some talent to create a shadow illusion like this! That’s not all, though, you can check out Kumi Yamashita’s website for more awesome light and shadow illusions.

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  1. long ago I was watching an art program I think On PBS about statues..
    It had a wall covered with Plates/pin…and as the sun hit it in the
    morning, it would display a Shadow of 1 person, and leter it would
    change to another persons image..
    And I cant find this on the net..

    PS..I found a word with 23 definitions..SINK

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