Jimmy Hendrix Street Art Graffiti

As well as all of the hard core optical illusions I come across daily, I love a good pun too – which is exactly why I had to share this Jimmy Hendrix street art! The concept isn’t new, in fact we had someĀ similar examples before. It’s just a highly effective concept that in my opinion has once again been executed so well! Update: One of our fans noticed that Jimmy was painted on top of previous similar painting. I’ve included it below.

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  1. I call Photoshop. The two images are identical except the picture and the mysteriously disappearing shed behind the wall.

  2. Awesome pictures, but the fact all of the shadows are identical surely means that one or both of them are Photoshop jobs? It takes nothing away from the illusion though.

  3. Hendrix has been photo-shopped in. The grass and shadows are identical, and you can see the lower one’s wrist at the bottom right of Hendrix’s neck. If someone was going to go to all the trouble of doctoring the photo to look like it’s Jimmy, they should have changed the grass( esp the high grass on the left) and the angle.

  4. This is the same picture Just the painting changed, the shadow from the tree is the same, my guess is the paintings aren’t there at all

  5. Might have been painted after the photo was taken as the leaves and shadow of the tree in the foreground are exactly the same in both pictures. The same with the tree that makes the hair.

  6. Hmm.. I think maybe a little photoshop in at least one of the two pictures. The clouds and shadows are the same in both pictures!

    Or maybe it’s just one really fast artist ;)

  7. Few things, Jimmy image was PHOTOSHOPPED. Part of the building in the lower pic has been turned green and leaf’ed out.
    Lower image is the EXACT same as the Jimmy pic but with a different face PHOTOSHOPPED on it. Note the IDENTICAL blades of grass to the left of the pole.
    BUT, since it is the very same pic, WHICH CAME FIRST??
    The lower pic of the child has to be the original. As who would ADD a building into the image to ruin it? So if that is the case, than the Jimmy pic is the false photoshopped picture, and the lower one is original.

  8. One of the two images is photoshopped. The clouds are perfectly the same in both images, as well as the straws of grass.

    Sorry, I think someone had the second photo and Shopped Jimi in it to make it more cool.

    Looking at the shed behinf the wall, that has partly erased its roof, I second my own theory. :)

  9. He also took the picture on the exact same time of the day and also the clouds happen to be on the same place ;-)

  10. I might be wrong but the “Jimmy Hendrix” photo looks like a photoshop work based on your “previous” graffiti photo :
    – Both photos were shot from exactly the same point
    – The shadows are exactly the same
    – All the vegetation details are exactly the same (grass heigh, tree sizes, clouds in the sky, …)
    – The roof you can see over the wall in the “previous” photo disapear in the trees on the “Jimmy Hendrix” one.

    Even if the artist was fast, something should have change…

  11. Jimmy Hendrix wasn’t painted on the wall; he was photoshopped onto the original photo. Why else would the shadows of the tree be identical in both pictures?

  12. I don’t believe this – the only thing that is different in the two pictures is the “painting”.
    the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass – all identical – I think not…

  13. These two images have virtually the same foreground and background. The identical details – down to the position of the leaves on the tree and the blades of grass – indicate either that the ‘new’ painting happened very quickly, or that one or both images are photoshopped.

  14. There is no painted over about it – Jimmy is photoshopped and probably the baby as well. The light and shadows of both pics are exactly the same and you can see that the blue shed above the baby’s head has been removed.

  15. C`mon. Look closely and you’ll see it was Photoshoped.

    In addition to being the same photo, in the Hendrix version you can see that the shed behind the fence has been mostly erased. You can also detect the “hair” tree has been partially added in the lower right corner.


  16. The Hendrix photo is absolutely a photoshop of one of the most popular photos of him. That photo has been used and modified in more ways than I can count. My guess though is that the bottom image really exists, and that’s pretty cool.

  17. Yes, Jimi was definately Photoshopped in on top of the child – you can also still see the graffiti artist’s signature. It’s obviously associated with the first one of the child, but then left on and repeated under Jimi. Plus the clouds and shadows identical – impossible!

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