Invisible Cloak Illusion

The technology for atomic level invisibility might be closer than you’d think! Russian professor Oleg Gadomsky has patented a new method of optical camouflage. The professor, versed in both quantum and optical electronics, uses gold nanoparticles arranged in a stratum that cloaks the image of an object to the other side of the stratum.

Gadomsky’s technology is completely different than existing methods of optical camouflage that exist today. In 2003, the TACHI laboratory of the University of Tokyo demonstrated an “invisibility cloak” — which was actually no more than a projection of the image behind the cloak projected back onto the cloak. Gadomsky plans to actually disrupt the radiation in such a manner to “bend” light around the stealthed object behind the nanoparticle wall.

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  1. Yes; those pictures are from the TACHI group, who used a retroflective material coated cloak. When projected on, the light (similar stuff to stopsigns, actually) is reflected/refracted back the exact direction it came. For the TACHI suits to work, you need a projector…

    However, it seems this new patent uses the actual material to warp light *around* an object. I wonder if it could really work… Would be somewhat more feasible than flexible OLED suits.

  2. ive seen a video before were the guy moves in the cloak.. i can belive these are real… to whoever says these are just projected through a project, dumb dumb

  3. If that is an invisible cloak, then why can I still see her or him (who knows if that’s a man or women)! DUMB!

  4. i dont know where to go on this…i just wasnt to know…if its a progector…why dose the guy, in the last picture,not have the same stuff…on his head…now dont think im only 14…=^.^=

  5. In the first one, the very, very top of the hat is a silvery blue but behind him is a green tree. NOT REAL On the second one her arm is in front of a guys face. you cannot see this. And it’s so obvious that a coat has been air brushed.

  6. You guys are all dumb. Try doing some research before you criticize this stuff. No, these haven’t been touched up by computer, it is infact live. There’s a video on showing the second pic, and you can watch the guy ride his bike behind her. Just search for “real japanese invisible clothes.” However, it’s not an invisibility cloak, it’s one of the first prototypes of a high tech camo suit. It does use a projector, and you have to look through a certain lense to see the person turn translucent as shown. There’s a live camera feed from behind the person, and whatever the camera captures, the projector puts up on the other side of the person, giving them the optical illusion of being “invisible.” So while it looks like someone in a raincoat to ordinary people, to people looking through the lense, it’s one of the most awesome things ever. And btw, I’m only 15 and I know this stuff, so maybe you guys shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

  7. if you guys just google this, you will see that this is the real deal, it’s not a projector, it’s a digital camera image, passed through a special lense. the reason you can’t see the guys face in the backround is because of the for or crease in the cloak. now there are other cloaks out there being developed that use digital camera’s in the material itself, and passing the image to millions of tiny LED screens, that give the effect of invisibility, but it hasn’t been able to work in field experiments that well because the battery the person needs to wear is a)to big and b) the battery loses it’s juice in just a couple hours, and c) the cloak actually puts off heat, making it easy to spot someone by using infra-red technology. look it up… you’ll find the same things i have.

  8. so much BS! if you look at the picture of person in front of the truck facing away, notice the hood showing the image of the truck when the person’s head would be obstructing an image from being collected to be projects.

    They are just making up patents trying to get free money.

  9. This isn’t fake. It is true that you can make a similar effect with photoshop and various other techniques. However the research for this is real. There are many prototypes for similar coats. It uses light refraction to make it seem invisible through lenses. That is why in the first photo under is a bit green. If someone doctored it or used some other method, do you think they would have made such a mistake?? This technology has been around for a while and is continually being tested for perfection. Most likely they will be used for military application so that they cannot be easily targeted in sights. They are not projectors, for if they were then in the second photo the light would be on his face too as well as hands, and that is not so. People need to research more, and never underestimate the brilliant minds of TokyoU where these particular cloaks were developed.

  10. Bread is right, look at his comment if you have’nt. Although I don’t know how he knows this or why he knows this, he is right. And to answer Bread’s question. yes the new suits ARE real, and like Tom said “don’t underestimate the brilliant minds of TokyoU.

  11. I am amazed with the technology used to design this suit. I think TOM is right, you SHOULD do your research before you critisize ANYTHING!!!

    ***(you guys have bad spelling and grammer issuses!!!)***

  12. hei tis is real i think.havin tis technology is useful also harmful….
    those who don belive tis r really dams

  13. Painted or mirror. Look closer- paint. Look behind what they would expect you to think- mirror. Weird. Weird is weird because it’s spelled weird. ;P

  14. Actually, Henry, u got it kinda mixed up with James Bond and his Vanquish car. Please stay in the reality, the camera method belongs in fantasy and is actually near impossible to carry out in real life.

  15. Some of you are so stupid! This is real. Whoever says this is fake is a total IDIOT!!! You can’t see the guys head because the cloak is rinkled in that area.

  16. if it is a projector why cant u see the guy on the bike through the jacket

    p.s im smart for a 12 year old

  17. wow seriously? the coat has a special property to it people. this allows it to work with a projected image which is only visible at a certain angle in line with the projector. everyone else just sees a white coat.

  18. I believe this. The Japanese are really high-tech and modern. It’s all real. No projections. I have to get my hands on one. ;]

  19. #26
    ” Anonymous

    I am amazed with the technology used to design this suit. I think TOM is right, you SHOULD do your research before you critisize ANYTHING!!!

    ***(you guys have bad spelling and grammer issuses!!!)***

    Grammar has an ‘a’

    P.S.-This technology is very real and is being tested and devloped by the US military as well.

  20. Ok. Ben Dover: The head isn’t invisible because the material isn’t on his head. That picture is a old on any way. That picture is from 2003 anyway so don’t call us dumb when clearly we aren’t.

  21. lol i saw sometin like this on GI joe and to whever thought this was majic U R A DUMBASS people who dont thinck its real might be wrong but there is no way in hell its majic

  22. Ok look at the second pic to the left of the screen there is sum1 on a bike if it was really a cloaking jacket u would c the person on the arm but u dont so so sssoooo fake

  23. If you look at the sleeves of the second picture, it’s quite obvious it’s painted. Great illusion though!

    Third comment :D

    1. I looked through the sleeves—
      And I didn’t see any evidence that the cloak was painted. Look it up, do some freaking research before you comment.

  24. Lame,I have one of those jackets too.
    Just kidding it looks great, it sorta reminds me of a green screen, but compleetly differnt.

  25. if the video is still showing go to you tube and type in Invisible soldier caught on tape in iraq its that or an alien?

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