Impossible Triangle Variation

There have been a lot of illusions posted over the years here at Mighty Optical Illusions. Some have been great, and some not so great. In my opinion, though, the best optical illusions are still the classic optical illusions—the ones that are universally recognized and have been around for years. These classic illusions will never go out of style and never get old.

Some of the best classic optical illusions are the impossible objects. Take the impossible triangle, or Penrose triangle, for instance. It’ such a simple design, but it has fascinated many over the years, and there have been numerous variations of it created. We’ve seen impossible triangles made from dice, animated impossible triangles, and even vases shaped as impossible triangles!

No matter how many times I see an impossible triangle illusion, I still have to just pause for a moment and admire it. Which brings me to today’s illusion, a chalk art drawing!

No! I’m just yankin’ your chain! Of course it’s an impossible triangle; what else would it be?

Anyway, moving on. Behold a slightly more complicated version of the impossible Penrose triange…


This particular triangle was not content with being a simple impossible triangle. Oh, no! It had to get all complicated and stuff, with extra pieces in the middle of the triangle. It looks a little like there are several smaller impossible triangles inside of a larger impossible triangle. Of course, though when you try to follow the pieces on the inside, your eyes follow an impossible path, even more complicated than a classic Penrose triangle!

What did you think of this impossible triangle variation? Whether you loved or hated it, please take a moment to rate it below…

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