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  1. Today’s technology? Unnecessary.

    The Penrose illusion is fairly simple when you see it in person; its trick is of viewing angles, not materials.

    Indeed, one such triangle, made of bronze, is installed on the campus of Willamette University in Salem, Ore. It is across the creek from the university center and best viewed from the “back porch” of the UC.

    for what it is worth…

    1. worth a lot, cause if someone looked at this and couldnt think that this could not be built im seriously scared for the future

  2. needs lots of physics and maths i guess… this site just makes me wanna finish school with da best maths n physics grades!! thanx…

  3. A simple way to construct an impossible triangle. Lay coins in a triangular outline as follows: Assume the triangle is apex up.Place first coin at apex. Place second coin below and to the left so that first coin overlaps it slightly.Place next coin below and to the left of the second so that it slightly overlaps the lower edge of the second coin. Place fourth coin so that it overlaps the third, as above.Repeat this with coins all around a triangular outline. When coin at apex is re-encountered place the upper edge of 12th coin beneath its lower edge. At the corners of the triangle the coin next beyond the corner should cover edges of both the preceeding coin and the one preceeding that. I used US quarter dollar coins, roughly an inch in diameter.

  4. I saw that in my illusions book, and I no how 2 construct it. It’s actually all twisted up, but the edges look straight from a certain angle. Did you really think you could trick everyone?

  5. Pretty cool, although this illusion is in nearly every single one of your other illusions. But alone it really stands out.

  6. yeah, people can draw this, but if you pay attention to it, the inside has angles that go down, the angle of the light just messes people up… think about it if you don’t agree…

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