Impossible Spiral Staircase Illusion

There are some days when I run across images and illusions for the site and I have no idea what to call them. Today’s illusion is one of those images. So, I’m just going to call it the impossible spiral staircase illusion…


…because it’s a little bit of all of that!

This guy is standing there looking pretty darn confused, and for good reason. The path that he’s about to travel is a pretty confusing one. You could even say that it’s pretty impossible! It’s almost a spiral staircase, but trying to follow along the path and you’ll quickly find that that’s just not possible at all. Can you see why?

If this impossible spiral staircase illusion stumped you at first, be sure to give it five stars below! When you’re done here, you can also check out this LEGO Penrose stairs illusion!

2 Replies to “Impossible Spiral Staircase Illusion”

  1. It is very clever how it cuts off the corner. I looked at for about 5 minutes not knowing what was wrong with it.

  2. I didn’t notice anything wrong, I was looking at he flock of seagulls, cuz which way are they going Jonathan Livingstone!? Two going this way, several going that way, two coming back at ya. Birds don’t act that way. They follow one another around, but Hey! Who’s in charge! Birds don’t know. No one knows. Weird.

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