How to Draw Optical Illusions | Rectangle, Triangle, and Circle

how to draw optical illusionsI publish lots of pretty cool optical illusions on here. While most of them look complicated and impossible, some of them can actually be created at home. Today’s post will show you how to draw optical illusions.

There are actually tons of YouTube videos that show you how to draw optical illusions, but I wanted to highlight just a few simple ones for you. It’s always good to start small, right? Right!

Up first, we have a video showing you how to draw a simple optical illusion…

Or, you can try your hand at drawing an impossible triangle…

Finally, we have an impossible oval…

These videos were all made by artist Jonathan Harris. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for more great tutorials!

When you’ve mastered how to draw optical illusions, be sure to check out some other optical illusion drawings for inspiration!

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