How Many Faces Optical Illusion

Good morning! I hope everyone out there is enjoying their weekend. I will later, but I have a ton of work to catch u on at the moment.

Today, I bring you a fun faces optical illusion. Take a look at it this faces optical illusion—how many faces do you see?


I don’t know about you, but I see three faces. The first face is the profile of a young woman wearing a hat. You can see that she’s looking to the left, and you can see her eye, nose, and chin on the left side of this faces optical illusion. The second face I saw was that of the older gentleman with a large nose. This man is looking to the right, and the big brown object at the bottom of this face illusion is a mustache. If you’re having trouble seeing this one, try covering the woman’s face.

After I found the two initial faces in this illusion, the third and final face caught my eye. This one’s a little harder to see than the other faces, for me at least. The nose on the third face is also the chin of the young woman. I think the third face also shares an eye with the second face.

And there you have it—three faces in one!

If you liked this three faces optical illusion, head over and see if you can spot both of the faces here!

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