How Can Mountains Painted on Stairs Change YOUR Outlook?

How can simple mountains painted on stairs change your outlook? You might be surprised…

It’s probably no secret that disabilities are tough. I’m sure everyone knows that physical disabilities prevent people from doing all sorts of things that most other people can. However, I also think that most people may not realize just how difficult it really is to live with a physical disability. Even the seemingly simple tasks can seem impossible to those with disabilities, and many of us take for granted the ability to do certain things, like walking or climbing stairs. The American Disability Association created an ad campaign, though, that really helps the average person look at a small part of the world from a disabled person’s point of view.

How did they manage this, you ask? Mountains painted on stairs…

mountains painted on stairs


It’s pretty crazy how¬†something as simple as mountains painted on stairs can change your outlook on something, no? If you saw these in real life, what would you think? Would it be the same without the words “For some this is Everest”? Or would it just seem like nothing more than a pretty awesome stair painting?

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