A Hovering Woman With No Legs

Anyone else in the mood for a fun photo illusion today? I was digging around in the optical illusions folder in my computer, and I found just such an illusion. Today you’ll see a hovering woman!


Okay, so she’s not really a hovering woman. But she could be! This photo was taken from the perfect angle. All of the people around the hovering woman are standing up and leaning against the white wall with their legs clearly visible. The woman in the middle, however, must be sitting on the wall with her legs in front of her. Since her sweater hangs down past her behind, it’s hard to see her butt sitting on the wall. It just looks like she has no legs and is a hovering woman.

I couldn’t remember where I got this photo when I first started this post, but I remember now! This was sent in through the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page┬áby our loyal follower Ruben. Thanks, Ruben, for yet another interesting photo illusion!

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When you’re done rating this hovering woman illusion, head over and check out this lady’s weird leg!

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