House Optical Illusions

Buildings and infrastructure have been an integral milestone in human history.  With the earliest structures being erect well before 2500 BC, we truly have come a long way.

I like to see design feats that defy the laws of physics.  In this case, the following photos define the laws of great optical illusions.  They are all building and home related.

Building Illusions

Dalston House

Leandro Erlich, the Argentine artist is responsible for this big mirror illusion in the streets of London.   The public is encouraged to lie horizontally on the ground with mirrors positioned overhead.


Dalston House 2

The reflections from the mirror, give the impression to visitors that they are standing on, hanging from window ledge or scaling the building on a vertical plane

Gumball House Optical Illusion

This house is filled with Skittles.  The

inside or outside house illusion

Is this person studying inside or outside the house?



floating marketing illusion

This building looks like there is no support. It is a floating market known as the Covent Garden market in London.  It made my eyes confused.

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