73 Replies to “Hidden Lion Optical Illusion”

  1. I realised that one doesn’t need to stare long enough. Just know that there is a lion there and peer through half-closed eyes.

  2. Strangely the lion was the first thing I saw, I had to through my eye (yes eye singular) out of focus in order to see the zebras clearly.

  3. Saw the lion a first sight too

    I think the description is a ‘spoiler’ cause then we know what to look for.

  4. the front zebra is a bit of an odball which makes it kind of obvious but pretty awesome anyroad

  5. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how is that not an illusioons guys???????????? that is INCREADISPBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!1 wow!

  6. Kinda easy to spot since the middle zebra has a hole in its chest but its really nice art and a great illusion. Kudos to Rust.

  7. It’s obvious. It’s so obivious that I can’t even see where one zebra ends and the other starts around the “Hidden Lion”

    Pretty awesome though.

  8. That was so EASY! The lion was the first thing I saw! After about 2-3 seconds, I realized there were some zebras…
    That’s so EASY! But it’s cute. I like it.

    But it was REALLY HARD recognizing each and every zebra and what each part belongs to what. I had no idea that the lion’s eyes were a zebra’s ears. Those are 2 big ears!

  9. I only saw the lion’s face and then I spent ages trying to see the zebras behind it, because I couldn’t un-see the lion xD

  10. I saw the lion the first sec i saw the picture it pretty kool to how the zebra was part of the lion face

  11. i didnt even read what it was all i did was look at the pic and straight away i saw the mouth and the eyes

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