Hidden Face Painting

Good morning to all! It’s a beautiful morning here, and the week is almost over. And, if I play my cards right, I just might have two full days off for my birthday weekend! Woot! I know, it seems like I get excited about strange things, but it’s not very often that I get full days off. I’m always working on something. Don’t worry, though, I’ll be scheduling posts ahead, so you guys will still get your daily dose of illusions. This morning, I found you a pretty nifty hidden face painting illusion.

Take a look…


This is another one of those optical illusions where there’s more than meets the eye. The actual subject of this hidden face paining looks like a native man sitting and holding a feather. But, if you saw a face first, you aren’t alone. The hidden face was actually the first thing I noticed about this illusion too!

So, which did you see first? The face or the man?

If you liked this hidden face painting, you’ll definitely want to check out these Oleg Shuplyak paintings! In my opinion, that man is the king of hidden faces!

2 Replies to “Hidden Face Painting”

    1. No, it’s a Mixture of Gauguin’s Self Portrait from 1893 and his Painting “Aha oe feii?” (What! Are You Jealous?) from 1892.

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