Help Them Find Their Tool – Part I

Hey guys! Much has been happening with this blog over past few days – so I advise you to relax, and keep reading. First, I’d like to apologize about the Yahoo widget that has stopped functioning few weeks ago. There was a problem that has been fixed, and additional small bug that prevented Yahoo from updating the widget. Fellow of mine helped to fix the problem, and corrected the bug which prevented Yahoo to update version number with the new widget. I ask you once more to be patient, and we’ll have the widget rollin’ soon!

Another news, is that I have hired someone to fix small problems that prevented this website in functioning properly in some web browsers. Everything should be standardized now, and you should be able to see the site correctly via all browsers you use. Please reply with your experience. Is there still something buggy?

Also, the “surprise” I have spoke of in my previous posts, is 99% complete. Tomorrow should be the day I announce it publicly, just need to polish some minor details and we’re ready to go!

Last problem, I haven’t been able to fix, is the “Random Illusion” button. Somehow the script won’t work properly, and it only loads some random comments. If you are experienced with scripts (java, I think), please view the source code of the site, and mail me if you know where the error hides. I would be more grateful than ever!

And now for our newest optical illusion collection – This time I collected some spot the object cards which picture Sailor, Watchman, Shepherd, Snake Charmer and Poacher. They are in trouble, because they lost their instrument of profession. Help them find it, so they can carry on doing what they usually do, anyway.

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  1. Snake = on sleave
    Lantern = Left side of window
    Dog = I think it’s upside down on his coat
    Sword = Trouser leg
    Rabbit = not sure, but maybe he’d prefer to find a bathroom with the way he’s standing lol

    1. I think the bunny is on the guys “nether regions”.

      I see a pink nose and a dot for and eye and it’s upside down so the ears are in the creases.

  2. Snake = on sleave
    Lantern = Left side of window
    Dog = upsidedown on his right leg (head) going back to his hip
    Sword = Trouser leg
    Rabbit = ear is tucked in the armpit, you can make out the body under his left breast pocket with the head in the crock of his elbow

  3. Snake is on left arm
    Lantern is upside down in the window
    Dog is upside down on coat.
    Sword is on his leg.
    Congratulations on finding the rabbit. That’s the only one i didn’t find on my own.

  4. snake – on left arm.

    lantern – upsidown on window above head.

    sheep dog – upside down on jacket… head on right leg, tail swishing over left leg.

    cutless – on left leg.

    rabbit – center of jacket.. ears armpit crease, tail under lapell crease.

  5. Hey Y’all…
    First off, LOVE this site!

    The Rabbit is on the guy’s crotch. Flip the image up-side down and you will see the rabit’s face.

  6. The rabbit is in the mans coat, the bulge that looks like a belly is the rabbits head and the ears are the triangle things that are supposed to be tucked into his pants. I dont know what they’re called

  7. I’ve seen them all, but the dog I’m having trouble with – yes, I see that something is funny with the coat but it just doesn’t look like a dog to me.

  8. Hey Vurdlak,

    It’s Javascript not Java to clarify. If anyone is interested it’s the feelingLucky() function, which calls a few other functions (kind of obfuscated code). Looks like it incorrectly returns an XML document.

  9. k, well the dog is in the bottom right of the picture, his body is the pond, you can see his tail, his legs and his feat and it is as if he is running, the head part is on his pants, it looks like he’s running and smiling!

  10. snake charmer-the snake is on the snake charmers arm
    watchman-the lantern is in the window
    shepherd-the dog is on the grass -i think…
    sailor-the cutlass is on the sailors leg
    poacher-its in the bush that is surrounding the tree

  11. the rabbit is in the bush bellow the tree, it looks like theres two. if you look at the two red eye shapes, they are looking at each other

  12. Snake : The guy’s left arm.
    Lantern : Upside down on top of his hat.
    Dog : I think it’s the one next to his right leg. You can see the head of the dog.
    Cutlass : The fold on his left pants.
    Rabbit : No Idea…

  13. ok, if the rabbit is on front (his left) of the coat with the ears in the armpit, then that is one HAREy armpit…..

  14. rabbit – like he is grabing under his pocket. You can see the head if u look for one single ears uo his hand.

  15. hi my fans
    1st pic or snake charmer is on his is on his shirt
    watchman:lantern left side of window
    sheperd:dog upside down in the coat
    sailor:cutlass is the fold of his left pants
    poacher:rabbit is on his coat he is facing tree or legs not sure my fans BYE have a nice day ^_^

  16. It is by his elbow, to the right of that, u will c a blakish kinda dot. thats the eye and then, the rest is obvoious!! or is it just mee?…

  17. i see the rabbit which every one else is talking about,
    but i also saw another one…. just under the poacher’s hat, next to his ear is the head of a rabbit.
    a curl of hair makes up the rabbit’s eye, the rabbit’s snout is formed by the poacher’s eye, and its ear is in the fold of the hunter’s hat.

  18. I didn’t even know what card illusions were. Now I know and I’m sorry but I’m not impressed. If you’re going to do this type of spot the wiget? thing give a clear example first so people know what they are doing. I’ll bet many just moved on and didn’t bother trying. Also an answer page or upside down answer is common.

    1. Sigh… okay. You’re supposed to just read the instructions like “Find -something-” and that -something- is hidden somewhere on the picture.

  19. I think I’ve got them, let me explain:

    1st image, the snake’s in his left arm.
    2nd image, the lantern’s the window quarter surrounded by black.
    3rd image, the dog’s part of his right leg, you see it near the kane.
    4th image, the cutlass forms his left leg, it’s below the knee.
    5th image, the rabbit’s in his chest, look to the left from the elbow and you’ll see it.

  20. NO#5 -:

    -> I can see the rabbit at the bottom of the fence on the right hand side. There is a dark patch of what appears to be shrubbery. When I looked closer I could make out an eye and two ears.

    Alternatively if you look at the tip of his gun and the diagonaaly up you’ll see the dark patch too.

  21. the snake is on the man’s arm.
    the lantern is on the window.
    the dog is on the beard. (it’s actually the beard. it’s also white.)
    the scabbard is on the leg.
    the rabbit is the man’s ear.

    cool illusions. hope you find harder ones. took me less than 10 minutes to find them all…

  22. the snake is on the mans arm
    the lantern is in the window
    the dog is on his leg
    the cutlass is on creases on his leg
    the rabbit is on his chest with its ear reaching up his armpit

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