Heads in Hands Poster Set

I’m really not sure what to make of these three photos below, but I know for certain it would be a hell lot easier if we knew who’s the artist behind them, and what his/her motivation was. Perhaps they were used in some sort of an ad campaign? Maybe for an art installation instead? Anyway, they greatly remind me of a Body-painted motorcycle and crashed car, both of which were recently featured on this site. We have to admit that huge amount of dedication and precision went into this “Heads in Hands” project. The results are interesting, to say the least. Would you agree? Which one is your favourite? If you have more info, please do share…

18 Replies to “Heads in Hands Poster Set”

  1. Very creative! I have to squint a bit to make them work. It’s amazing how our brains can find the pattern of one thing in another thing even if I have to do squint and use a bit of imagination to make this particular illusion “work”.

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