Headless Woman Optical Illusion

Good morning to all you, and welcome to Tuesday! Some of you are still recovering from the weekend, but in another day or two you will be just fine. This is the month of October, which is always a lot of fun because of the wonderful holiday called Halloween. Every year, there are tons of scary movies on, and people trying to find the perfect costume to wear. Today’s optical illusion is all about great Halloween costumes, and some of those costumes, can actually look pretty realistic.  The woman in today’s optical illusion has lost her head, and it looks so realistic, too!

headless woman optical illusion

Ready for something else that is just as fun as a headless woman? Some people can look at any object and claim to see images in it like the sky on a cloudy day, or even a bowl of fruit! These images are made of many things like fruits, and books, and you can really see something in them! Whomever took the time, and had a lot of patience, in order to create these amazing men really had a lot of imagination and talent. What do you all think of these men made of fruit and books?  You never know where you can find an optical illusion, even in a bowl of fruit.

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