Halloween Costume Illusion Ideas That Trick Your Mind! (2017 Updated)

Does everyone have their Halloween costumes ready? After all, Halloween is less than a week away. Just for fun, I went poking around on the Internet this morning for some fun and interesting Halloween costume illusion ideas. And, I have to say wow! It’s pretty interesting how creative people can be and what types of costumes they can come up with.

So, just for fun on Halloween week, I bring you five pretty sweet illusion Halloween costume ideas…

  1. Contortionist Illusion Halloween Costume

I never was very flexible myself, so this contortionist Halloween costume really blows my mind. When I first saw it, I thought it might have been real, and it’s definitely my favorite illusion Halloween costume on the list!halloween costume illusion

  1. Head in a Box Halloween Costume

Yikes! Imagine running into this guy on Halloween! Well, I guess it wouldn’t be so weird if you ran into a guy carrying his own head in a box on Halloween. It’s the rest of the year you have to worry about…halloween costume illusion 2

  1. Pirate and Mermaid Halloween Costume

Aw, how cute! They’re in love. Okay, either that or this pirate decided to kidnap the beautiful mermaid. Thoughts…?halloween costume illusion 3

  1. Rocket Halloween Costume

I’ve seen a few rocket illusion Halloween costume ideas in the past few years, and I love them! So creative! In fact, before I saw the contortionist Halloween costume illusion above, this was my favorite; it’s now a close second.halloween costume illusion 4

  1. Body in a Bag Halloween Costume

Ewie! This body in a bag Halloween costume is definitely spooky and more than a little gross…making it a pretty awesome Halloween costume, especially if you wanna freak out your friends!

halloween costume illusion 5

So, what did you think? Which was your favorite illusion Halloween costume in this list? Let us know if you’ve seen any other great optical illusion costumes this year!

(2017 UPDATED)

We have scoured the internet to find you more costumes to inspire you this Halloween.

Headless Serial Killer 

I love this kid’s sense of fun and humor.  If this was a school’s costume contest, he definitely is in my finalists line up.  Clever and very creepy.

halloween costume illusion 6

Pennywise (IT movie) Inspired Costume

Popcorn! Coming in as the most popular costume for 2017 as the remake of the movie is quite successful in box offices.  I have reports that many local parties and costume stores are sold out of Pennywise costumes.  Want to join the bandwagon?  Make sure the clown is more gruesome with jaws for an additional fear factor.

halloween costume illusion

Making America Great Again

This one is relevant to the POTUS being a focal point.  While it may be distasteful to some, we think it is fun and satirical.  If you want to stir controversy this Halloween, try this costume.

halloween costume illusion

You might also want to check out this headless woman Halloween costume illusion. Definitely spooky!

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