Giraffe or Elephant Optical Illusion

Has anyone else noticed this cool giraffe and elephant optical illusion floating around the Internet lately, or am I just behind the times?

giraffe or elephant optical illusion

This is a pretty awesome wire sculpture! When you look at it from one angle, it looks like two giraffes passing by each other. As you move around the sculpture, though, you can watch the sculpture change shape and transform into an elephant when you view it from a different angle.

The amazing part of this giraffe or elephant optical illusion is that it’s made entirely of wire, and at first glance it looks like nothing more than a 2D sculpture. The magic behind this illusion is all in the wires. Each wire has to be perfect—the shape, the positioning, the bends, everything—to create the 3D shapes here. One wire out of place or misshapen, and the entire effect could be lost.

Some browsers might not animate the GIF above. If you can’t see it moving, here’s a video of the same illusion instead…

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Wire can actually be used to create some fun art optical illusions. If you liked this giraffe or elephant optical illusion, check out how wire can be used to create shadow illusions.

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