Future Fridays: We Can Read Your Mind By Doing This

The weekend is right around the corner so let’s have some fun with everyone today.  Who doesn’t like a good magic trick?

This program will be able to perform a magic trick right in front of your eyes and it will work every single time.  Go the link here.  After you have completed the test/trick, come back here and we will reveal how this works.

No cheating!  I’m watching you…

This program works because our eyes concentrate on 6 cards; it is also being misdirected by the arrows moving and circles popping up.  For a quick glance, we must make a selection.  This leads to making a decision based on how fast you can memorize what is shown to you.  I saw an illusion created because of the quickness of this trick.  I only had enough time to see 6 face cards.

The second set of cards shown after the card you “selected” is removed actually are not the same as the first set.  Don’t believe me?  Try again and screenshot it.  Comment below.

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