Funny Statue Illusion

Hehe, this one came up really funny! This statue looks unbelievable to be placed at the center of town’s square. I’m sure all of you by now understood how it was done. The actual photograph was taken at the angle where two statues make single, funny one. Did you like it? I had another cool statue illusion before… wait till I find it. Ah, yes here it is: Tricky Basketball Shot. If you want to see more statue illusions, check outdoors category. There you can find one’s like: rainmaker illusion, Lord Of The Rings statues, girl holding Columbus in her palm…

Funny statue illusion

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  1. it’s a photoshop, more’s the pitty :(

    the resoution of the lion doesn’t match the building it’s on, and think of the scale of it. you can see stairs in the window of the shop beneath the Lion, the lion must be like 35 feet tall and weigh some serious tonnage!

  2. This is amazingly random.

    I lived in that town. It’s Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan. About 20 miles north of Tokyo.

    There is infact a lion on top of one of the buildings downtown. And there are statues of children in the park near downtown.

    I think someone did some photoshopping to change the proportions because the lion is large, but not THAT large.

    This isn’t a very great “optical illusion” but the fact it is a pic of a smallish town in Japan where I lived years ago, I give this blog kudos!

  3. freakin humin dung beetle. dude that picture sucks man i mean what is the lion constipated? …………………!just kiddin! dude that picture rules i mean thats a 1 in 1,000,000 chance to make that, dude u rule

  4. Poor lion. It’s not really an illusion, but it’s funny! And the kid looks like he’s enjoying it, too. XD

  5. The picture is obviously taken at an angle. Just turn the picture 90 degrees to the left, and you’ll see, or the someone photoshopped and made the staute of the child larger…

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