Fun With a Seeping Man Illusion

Good day! I hope everyone is having a fun weekend! I, myself, ended up seeping in finally. I don’t get much sleep at all these days, so every once in a while I need to let my body recharge! So, please forgive me that today’s illusion is late…


In honor of finally sleeping more than three or four hours today, I decided to go with this seeping man illusion. It looks like he fell asleep in the wrong place and his friends decided to decorate the top of his head. They did a pretty clever job of it too! The top of the head in this sleeping man illusion looks just like a face, complete with lips, eyes and glasses! I’m assuming that this guy was already starting to go bald, otherwise somebody also shaved the top of his head…

So, what do you think of this sleeping man illusions? Would you get mad or get even if someone did this to you when you were sleeping? Wanna see another fun illusion? Hea over and try to see if you can see both the sleeping man and the clown!

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