Fruit Man Illusions

Hehe, these are cheerful. When I saw these tuttie fruties I had a discrete laugh. Am not quite certain, but don’t you call feminine boys – “fruites” or “daisies” in English language? So as you see, these bowls of fruit, kinda resemble real life persons. There is additional Book-worm man at the end. You’ll have to jump inside the article to see them all, though. Few months ago I knew the name of the artist (he made quite a few of these, frankly), but somehow I forgot. If you remember, drop us a line.

These pieces of art were submitted by Meraj, the guy who sent us that amazing Volvo billboard as well as Reversed Face illusion, and probably few more I forgot. When I site-searched “Meraj” I realized how productive this individual has been for our little community. Would be nice if you thanked him as well in your comments. Which one is your favorite? Which “Fruit Man” you like the best? Like always, enjoy!

27 Replies to “Fruit Man Illusions”

  1. The last one using books is definitely the best…..almost makes you want to try to construct it for real :)

  2. To the “an apple is an apple” type comment(s). I might recommend that you please have some great all out sex. Stimulate the right hemisphere of your brain a little. If not, no need to visit this site and leave linear thinking comments. I think this site is great and deserves an applause. Hats off to all responsible!

  3. This one isn’t that impressive. Maybe if they were real and not paintings. for all of them what are they using for the nose. the book one… if its a back of a book wheres the front part same with his cheek . it looks like books but when you look close books would overlap in places where they wouldnt be able to.

  4. In the first two… Noses are obviously pears!
    Their shapes resemble noses too much if you ask me!
    They are nice tough..

  5. People, when are you going to realize, these are not illusions! They’re cool, but not close to illusions.
    Double pictures (faces that become other faces when turned and so on) aren’t illusions either!
    Stop calling it illusion of the day. Call it Cool pic of the day or something like that.
    It’s disturbing!

  6. To respond to the comment asking which fruit is the nose, figure it out, it’s not that hard to notice it’s a friggin pear dumbass.

  7. omg…. the first one is really freaky….

    the second one looks like the dudie man from V for Vendetta!

    I have to say that the third one is the best…. that is so cool….. he looks so smart! lol, Get it?… ok, i should stop now…

    ps. thanks guys for the great work you put into the site. Keep it up!

  8. very cool

    i love ur site

    and by the way
    i beleive the word you are looking for is “A Fruit”
    or “FruitCake” for a feminine boy

  9. I agree with you, Derek. At first glance you know for sure it’s fake, but then it’s so creative! Like a lego block person.

  10. Eh. He reused the fruit… the first two are almost exactly alike. If you think these are good, you should check out Giuseppe Arcimboldo… he did a bunch of paintings like this, four seasons made of fruit, the four elements, the librarian, I bet he was the inspiration for these, only his were more detailed. And get this: he painted them in the 1500s.


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