Freaky Illusion Picture (Updated 2017)

Digitally remastered photos are still considered optical illusions.  If anyone has an idea of how this photo was taken, please comment below. 

Using a digital camera to set up the laptop’s wallpaper part seems obvious.  The part where this child’s hand reaches through the monitor is somewhat deceiving.  This original photo is from Flickr. Part of it could be understood if you jump to “Transparent Desktops” and “Hand Reaching for Calculator inside The Monitor” optical illusions.  Hopefully, some explanation can be found there.

Did I mention this laptop illusion reminds me of the movie called “The Ring”.   Babies just creep me out.
laptop illusion

Since we are on the illusion of laptops, this one is like “Inception”.  There are laptops inside laptops.

see thru laptop illusion

Looks like a bottle of whiskey coming out from the screen.  Or is it a coaster?

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  1. quite simple (i think)…
    the screen of a macbook can almost be flipped 180° en then they took a picture…

  2. OK. Flip screen down. Take picture of baby behind laptop. Flip screen up. Set first baby pic as desktop background. Take picture again, with baby still behind laptop. OK. Easily understood. Most difficult part is making the baby behave.

    However, what about the baby hand coming from the keyboard — got to be a photoshop job. Not an illusion at all.

  3. either fake hand or photoshop, a lot of people do the screen window trick tho, that was even my backgrounds for a while but i got bored of staring at a wall and wires lol

  4. umm, i think maybe they just drew in the laptop in photoshop. If you have a close look it really looks fake


  6. This seams as though the babies face is definately a laptop picture, but of the four fingered hand was set to try to cancel the photo shop idea(they are not tricking me) its def. photo shop!!!

  7. you can tell the babies hand isnt real….
    and its face is just a saved picture of it on the computer.
    (what a rubbish illusion)

  8. dumb and stupid.. who cares how it happen! it just did.. so all u nerds out there.. GET BENT.. na im jokin

  9. its not any drwaing or something, the baby behing is real and the walls are also real… u cannot make it out until u dont have the real laptop wid u, becuase this new technology has a very small camera/scaner somewhere behind which captures the specified/progammed area (size matching/ parallel to laptop.

    Thanks & Best Regards

    Ayhan( the GyanGuru) .. Email:


  11. ok im sorry but some people, as usual, are being pretty stupid about this wicked cool illusion.
    (and for those who get it, i apologize for repeating the answer for the umpteenth time)

    OK so first they fold the laptop closed with the baby pic.
    Then they dowload said picture onto their laptop and make it their backround.
    Next, they put the kid in the same spot, right behind the laptop, so everything lines up and take the picture.

    **i think i figured out the hand**
    they might have closed the laptop again, but put his hand on it, the way it lines up. then they could have photoshopped that picture in? i mean like at the end, like when they took the picture of the lap top, they might have laid that picture over it w/ photoshop…sorry if i don’t make any sense!

    not totally sure if im right, but just another theory to play with!

    and to all you people who say this is “rubbish” or “it sucks”, you honestly must be confused and be looking at a different picutre then me.

    ((sorry if i came off rude everyone))

  12. easy! screen is from paper (with pikcture of desktop and baby,)cuted for babys hand to put through and the real screen is still flipped down…
    no photoshop(for the hand)!

    sorry for my english
    Im Macedonian

  13. Wow, Okay, see if you can keep up.
    1.The monitor half of the lap top is flipped backwards.
    2. Baby with hand on laptop (thumb behind hand as if, I dunno, holding himself up?!)
    4. Cropped to show ‘transparent wall paper’ on the monitor that was photoshopped over origional pic.

    Close? Think about it…

  14. Maybe they took the picture first, then set up the boy behind the computer so that it looked like the screen was transparent. As for the hand, maybe they just put out some gummies or something that look like a hand…

  15. I think there is a comment somewhere on a related illusion that explains this properly- but I’ve forgotten where it was hehe…

  16. Guys your thinking way to hard about it. I don’t think it was photoshop at all. The person who did this has you all fool. The hand is simple a dall hand. I must say very smart

  17. It’s a silicone hand people! And yeah, the child does kinda have the face of a 50-year old, haha! And a freaky stare too.

  18. look, the reflection of the laptop shows the screen, would you see the screen if it were a true reflection? Ah….wonder…

  19. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! he is going to jump out and eat me! with his hand! ill tall u WHY:
    it is a picture
    and the baby is
    a saved photo
    on the computer.

  20. i’ll tell you guys the trick. it’s two different pics. one with the baby, one with the macbook. photoshop works wonders. it’s really not a hard pic to make. i’ve done similar.

  21. “alex says:
    October 24, 2009 at 2:34 am
    you bastards I can see the fake baby hane i am not stuped punkes”

    Lol you should have not said anything…

    anyway, these types of pics are old news. I’ve seen many many of them done, and this is a rather poor example. and of course it’s photoshopped. derrr.

  22. Really simple: just align a picture on the desktop to real life. Then put a baby hand prop there. (look carefully at the joint!)

    1. yeah its obviously a fake hand. and its just a pic of a baby at the right time n right plc. IT’S A FAKE HAND, SO CHILL EVERYONE, NOTHING TO BE FREAKED OUT ABOUT!

  23. I don’t think they used a fake hand.
    Don’t some laptops have a moniton that turns and flips?
    they could have fliped the screen out of the way taken the pic of the baby touching the monitor, then matched it up and taken the 2nd shot.

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