Flower Face Optical Illusion

Hey everyone. Here are two interesting paintings done by Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo. From his academic beginnings, Ocampo has evolved toward a style of his own, free of deep crises and governed by his naturally playful penchant for mysterious atmospheres and optical illusions. Therefore, he has worked as a scenographer and as a muralist, enthralled by the deceit, the visual game… taking part in many art shows around the world. We might describe any of the paintings of this master of illusion with the words: “Seeing is believing“. Octavio Ocampo was born in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico on February 28, 1943. Soon, “Octavio Ocampo Museum” in his hometown will be open. Below, you can see two flower paintings, that can also be seen in a different way. Can you spot the multiple meaning effect?

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  1. I actually had the first comment ;]

    And now I look again, I notice that you can see a part of the body too, really pretty <3

  2. i like the style and texture of the first one.
    its elegant and smooth and not unbelievable. nice post


  3. It’s beautiful how you can take something and make it two things at once. I love illusions like this because they are so artfully woven into reality.

  4. Its not only a face!

    Nr 1 is a woman (naked, as you see :-),
    nr 2 is a man.

    I preferre nr1 much, (not because she is naked), but because the face could be a blossom too.
    But on nr2 the face is simply attached to the blossom.
    Though is shoulder and neck very inpressive.

  5. the first one is naked , sexy and cool…. it took me a while to se the boobs….. made me feel horney

  6. the first one is naked , sexy and cool…. it took me a while to se the boobs….. made me feel horney

  7. The first ones really funny. Looks like it’s tongue is sticking out. The second one is just cool. The problem is-The first one looks real but, the second one looks painted. Most likely, it was painted that way, purposefully. Not to ruin anyone’s fun…

  8. that looks pretty cool!!….but, the first one looks like it is eating something real thin, a chip maybe..

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